CocaCola Diversity Policies In Violation Of Law, Shareholders Warn

( Coca Cola shareholders have warned the company that a new diversity policy adopted by the brand could actually violate anti-discrimination laws.

It’s the latest bad news for Coca Cola, a brand that has long been an American institution and a major player in the drinks industry but which is increasingly coming under fire for adopting radical left-wing policies.

The American Civil Rights Project warned in a June 11 letter that demands made by Coca Cola’s general counsel in January of this year could be discriminatory. Specifically, the company’s general counsel required all law firms that intended to work with Coca Cola must commit that at least 30% of all billed time should be from “diverse” attorneys, with at least half of billable hours being from Black lawyers.

In short, Coca Cola wanted to ensure that more non-white lawyers worked with the brand…even if it meant discriminating against white lawyers.

The ACRP spoke out against the company on behalf of a number of “concerned” shareholders, who demand that the drinks brand either public retract the discriminatory policies or provide public access to corporate records relating to the decision to adopt the illegal policies in the first place.

Coca Cola is on notice, and either option is not going to be fun for corporate leadership.

The ACRP letter also said that Coca Cola’s “diversity” policies are in reality a “material risk of liability” because the company is violating various anti-discrimination laws in the name of being woke. One such law is the Civil Rights Act, which bans employment discrimination based on race and other immutable characteristics.

How is discriminating against white lawyers any better than discriminating against Black lawyers?

The letter explained how shareholders demand public retractions and said that they will seek judicial relief if those retractions are not made.

Coca Cola is on notice. The brand has 30 days to respond to these demands, and if they don’t, this could be one hell of a lawsuit…