CONFIRM: Biden Says He SUPPORTS Tearing Down Statues

( Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden presumably knows that at this point, if he goes against the woke mob, then they might not support his candidacy in November…even if it means letting Trump win. Far-left mobs demand that politicians toe the line, and Biden has done exactly that this week when he announced that he supports removing statues because of “systemic racism.”

On Tuesday during one of his first press conferences in months, which featured pre-prepared questions and answers by the way, the former vice president said two things of interest. First, he said he would debate Trump three times before November, but wouldn’t commit to any more. We all know why.

Secondly, he said he supports removing statues and monuments all over the United States because he supports Black Lives Matter and their desire to stop “systemic racism”….as well as overthrowing the capitalist system, which is literally what they believe.

Talking about the ongoing Black Lives Matter riots, Biden said it was time to remove historic statues.

“Put them in museums, get them down,” he said. “But don’t expect if you have sitting in front of you after all these years and we finally, finally are going through another phase of maybe responding to the systemic racism in America, and what we’ve seen happen, is don’t be surprised if someone pulls down the statue of Jefferson Davis.”

Is that how it works now? You can tear down whatever statues you like as long as you claim you’re doing it in the name of defeating racism?

Biden went on to list a number of statements made by the president since January, relating to the coronavirus pandemic. It was scripted, tired, and entirely expected. Perhaps the most shocking thing, however, is that Biden can visibly be seen reading answers from teleprompters. It suggests the presumptive Democratic candidate can’t come up with answers on the spot – or can’t be trusted to do it well – and that the questions from the press were prepared before the event was held.

Why can’t Joe Biden just answer questions impromptu?

These debates will be interesting…