Congressman Tells Dr Oz To Launch Campaign Despite Recount

( Former TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz is in a close primary race with Dave McCormick for the Republican nomination for a seat on the U.S. Senate.

And even though a recount is possible — and lawsuits are being filed to stop some mail-in votes — some other prominent Republicans in the state believe Oz should start campaigning for the general election.

As of Tuesday evening, Oz and McCormick were still neck-and-neck in a primary election that hasn’t been decided — a week after voters went to the polls. Oz received the endorsement of former President Donald Trump, which helped catapult him to the top of the polls among Republican primary voters.

The election was so close that a recount is possible. McCormick also recently filed a lawsuit that would force the count of mail-in ballots that didn’t have a handwritten date on their outer envelope, which Pennsylvania law requires.

Now, the Republican National Committee is siding with Oz, intervening in the McCormick’s lawsuit. As Matt Raymer, the chief counsel for the RNC, said recently in a statement:

“The RNC is intervening in this lawsuit alongside the Pennsylvania GOP because election laws are meant to be followed, and changing the rules when ballots are already being counted harms the integrity of our elections.

“Either of Pennsylvania’s leading Republican Senate candidates would represent the Keystone State better than a Democrat, but Pennsylvania law is clear that undated absentee ballots may not be counted.”

While that is all being figured out, one Republican congressman from Pennsylvania believes that Oz should already start turning his attention to the general election in November.

Guy Reschenthaler, a Republican member of the House from Pennsylvania, said as much to Newsmax last week. He said about Oz:

“They have to get campaigning, especially when you have the juggernaut that is John Fetterman that for whatever reason, people don’t take him seriously enough. He’s a very formidable candidate.

“I still think Dr. Oz is the only one that can beat Fetterman in the fall, but going back to the timeline there’s going to be an automatic recount because in Pennsylvania if you’re under 0.5% there is an automatic recount.”

Fetterman is the Democratic nominee for the Senate seat that both Oz and McCormick are running for. Fetterman currently serves as lieutenant governor of the state of Pennsylvania.

He even won the primary election for the Democrats while in the hospital to have a pacemaker and defibrillator placed inside him, in part to address the underlying causes of the stroke that he suffered only the week before.

Reschenthaler said he believed Fetterman is a good candidate for the Democrats, making it even more important that the Republican candidate get started on campaigning for the midterms. As he said:

“I’m a big proponent of continuing the campaign because again, the numbers show that Dr. Oz is going to win this race even after the legal battle. We can’t afford to give Fetterman an even larger edge in this critical swing state.”