Congresswoman Reportedly Dating TV Host, But He Denies It

( Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Bryan Glenn, the Right Side Broadcasting Network’s director of programming and an on-air personality, have reportedly been having a hot-and-heavy relationship, according to a recent piece in The Daily Mail.

Marjorie and Bryan both denied that their connection was romantic in any way.

Nevertheless, the Daily Mail recently described the two as “inseparable” while cataloging many close interactions between them.

The Daily Mail observed them socializing at events, restaurants, and the congresswoman’s home. Glenn was also seen getting into Greene’s car with his luggage.

Thursday morning, the Georgia Republican picked up Glenn from the Courtyard Marriott hotel in Rome and showed him about the sleepy town in Northwest Georgia, where she relocated in 2019 to run for the 14th Congressional District. The two met outside the hotel, and Glenn silently loaded the legislator’s SUV with his carry-on bags before climbing inside. Greene parked his car and then drove down Broad Street, the town’s main thoroughfare, in the internet broadcaster before stopping for lunch at the hip New York-style eatery Blossom Hill BBQ. The two returned to Fourth Street, got out, and took a leisurely hour-long stroll together through town. In the afternoon, she sped him back to her white brick home. According to the front desk, there was no record of Glenn staying at the Marriott.

Since they are both apart, a relationship between them wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. The magazine claims that Greene’s spouse filed for divorce in September, and Glenn is currently going through the divorce process. It was previously revealed by The Daily Mail that Greene betrayed her husband in 2012.

Glenn said in a statement to the Daily Mail that he had no romantic involvement with Marjorie Taylor Greene. He is in politics, and she is also.

Glenn tweeted that he is working on a new reality TV show about Greene’s life while they are together. He tweeted, “I’m helping with a new reality-style series that depicts her in real life, not fake news.”