Cori Bush Ends Interview After Tough Question About Biden

( When asked if she supported President Joe Biden running for re-election in 2024, Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) abruptly terminated the interview.

The political editor for KSDK, Mark Maxwell, tweeted a video of the interview.

Maxwell questioned Bush, asking if she wanted to see Joe Biden run for a second term. Bush, a liberal from St. Louis, didn’t seem confident in her ability to respond and quickly left to go to another event.

One of Bush’s aides intervened.
She needs to leave, the individual stated.

Mark Maxwell of 5 On Your Side remarked that it was a simple question, and it shouldn’t take long to respond.

Cori Bush replied that she didn’t want to answer the question because… She just didn’t want to answer it.

She then stated that Biden is the president, and he has every right to seek reelection.

Bush was asked again, but she still would not answer the question. She would not say that she wanted Biden to run again.

Her aide interrupted the interview, and they both scurried away.

Before the primary on Tuesday, when Cori Bush will face off against moderate Democrat state senator Steve Roberts, the congressman took part in a Q&A with KSDK.

According to Maxwell, Steve Roberts, a former Missouri Air National Guard member, has criticized Bush for being extreme-left. Roberts told KDSKI that he supported the president but was curious to find out who Rep. Bush planned to endorse.
Cori Bush’s almost-interview occurred when rumors about Biden’s future plans were intensifying. Joe Biden is dealing with a difficult political environment spurred partly by low approval ratings and a wave of surveys showing that the majority of Democrats oppose his running for reelection.
On social media, the Republican National Committee (RNC) said in response to the video, “Nobody thinks Joe Biden is doing a good job.”
It’s a strange thing to see. Most Democrats agreed with Biden and his handlers’ policies before he was selected, but the reality of the outcomes has hit them hard. Will they learn from these mistakes? Probably not.