Counter-Terrorism Expert Says Feds DON’T REALIZE Links Between Communists, Antifa, and BLM

( Counter-terrorism expert John Guandolo told the Kyle Olson Show in an episode that aired Saturday that the federal government and authorities are generally unaware of the “coordinated effort” by communist and Marxist groups to cause chaos across the country. Guandolo specifically referenced Black Lives Matter and Antifa during the interview, labeling them “communist organizations” who are working together to case destruction and chaos.

“There are citizens who support Black Lives Matter who are in it because they want liberty, to make sure things are done right,” he said. “But the leadership of Black Lives Matter, the entire reason the organization was formed, it was formed as a Marxist-communist organization he added.

Guandolo is aware of how these groups operate. He worked in the FBI for 13 years and has a deep knowledge of these organizations.

“The activities that it participates in, you’ve got to look at it through that lens,” he added.

He even said that Black Lives Matter and Antifa are planning to “overthrow the U.S. government” and explained how the Freedom Road Socialist Organization is behind much of the chaos seen in American cities.

“When I sit down with senior government leaders and lay this out for them, I mean, their heads explode,” he explains. “And they realize this is as detailed and as ingrained here in the United States as the Islamic movement, the Jihadi movement.”

Guandolo told the Kyle Olson Show that the feds have long been unaware of the connections between these various groups and the people funding them, and said that President Donald Trump’s assertion that they are “terrorists” is accurate.

He said that Trump calling them terrorists is a “big deal” because “this is a war in the information battlespace.”

According to Guandolo, President Trump and his administration are starting to listen to the experts on this issue and are learning more about these groups all the time. “The president is starting to see how these things are connected,” he told the show.