County School Board Shuts Down Meeting After Freedom Protestors Take Action

( Florida’s Broward School Board reportedly shut down the discussion period about a new mask mandate in schools on Tuesday after “Face Freedom” protesters turned up to protest the plans. The protestors, who support people having the freedom to choose whether or not to wear a mask, protested inside the K.C. Wright Administrative Building without wearing masks, forcing the school board to shut down the discussion.

The School Board reconvened on Wednesday morning to discuss the mask mandate, and sadly, the protests didn’t work. The school board voted to impose a new mask mandate in schools in the county, forcing children who have already been denied more than a year of normal education, to wear masks when they return to in-person classes.

Rosalind Osgood, the chair of the school board, said that she cannot “in good conscience” bring people back into a school environment without a mask mandate.

She can, in good conscience, force children – who are almost never affected by the COVID-19 virus – to wear face masks when returning to school?

It comes after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reversed a decision to recommend vaccinated people not to wear masks in public anymore. President Joe Biden has supported the decision and called on states to implement fresh mask mandates even for those who have already taken the vaccine.

At what point will the Democrats and the school boards admit that they are no longer following the science?