Creepy Video Shows Biden And Zelensky Getting Too Comfortable With Each Other

( Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently visited the White House and was given a warm greeting by Democrats. A video shows Zelensky and President Biden getting too comfortable with one another as Biden appears to sniff the Ukrainian’s hair, according to Summit News.

Zelensky reportedly walked into Congress, gave a speech, raised his flag as he planted a kiss on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and then collected his $45 billion in aid for the ongoing war with Russia.

The aid was part of a $1.7 trillion spending bill that politicians in Washington, D.C. tried to ram through Congress and onto Biden’s desk before the week was over. The bill is 4,155 pages outlining the government’s spending for the next year. While it denied an extension of child tax credits for American families, it gave $45 billion to Ukraine and another $1.43 billion for membership in “global multilateral organizations,” according to American Pigeon.

The visit drew immense backlash from conservatives as they criticized Zelensky’s choice of attire. He donned military fatigues instead of the traditional suit while visiting the U.S., the first foreign visit he has made since the start of the war.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald raised questions about how the excess spending will benefit American citizens, who are forced to send what is now totaling over $100 billion to Ukraine. He noted that those who “own huge amounts of stock in the weapons manufacturers…have done extremely well from this war.”

Greenwald also tweeted that the $100 billion in total funds the U.S. has dished out since earlier this year, not to mention the billions going to Ukraine from other countries, is contrasted by Russia’s annual $69 billion military budget. Greenwald sarcastically asserted that this money will be paid back because Ukraine will keep accountability for how much they are borrowing, saying that the country is “renowned for its clean and meticulous bookkeeping.”