Cuomo To Spend Thanksgiving With Elderly Mother Despite Telling New Yorkers Not To Meet Family

( New York Governor Andrew Cuomo caused outrage on Monday when it was revealed that he will be spending Thanksgiving with his 89-year-old mother and various other members of his family despite telling New Yorkers to spend it alone.

Last week, Cuomo warned law enforcement officers that they would be required to implement Thanksgiving COVID restrictions. It came amid reports of a revolt from upstate sheriffs who said that they did not support his rules that banned more than 10 people attending family gatherings. And while Cuomo has implemented the 10-person limit, he has also repeatedly encouraged New Yorkers to rethink their Thanksgiving plans entirely.

“I don’t believe as a law enforcement officer you get to pick and choose which laws you enforce,” Cuomo said in response to sheriffs criticizing his rules. “My advice on Thanksgiving? Don’t be a turkey.”

On Monday, Governor Cuomo tweeted a graph showing how COVID hospitalizations had increased, arguing that they could reach 6,000 in three weeks based on current trends. He offered advice to New Yorkers in the days running up to Thanksgiving, telling them to “Avoid gatherings” and “get tested.”

On the same day, it was revealed how Cuomo wasn’t planning on avoiding gatherings this Thanksgiving. New York State politics reporter Nick Reisman revealed how he would be spending Thursday with his 89-year-old mother and two daughters.

It’s interesting not just because Cuomo has been warning others not to meet with their family members, but that his mother is in the highest-risk category for COVID-19. Elderly people are significantly more likely to experience extreme symptoms to COVID-19 that can result in death.

One rule for them…