D.C. Insiders Found To Be Out Of Touch With Black Voters, New Research Shows

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Democrats like to think of themselves as in tune with the black experience. Many still call Bill Clinton the first black president.

According to a Tuesday HIT Strategies focus group, Democrat elites in the Washington, DC, beltway are out of touch with black voters, a bracing slap in the face.
The poll polled two groups of nine Democratic voters and determined that the governing D.C. elites ignored their concerns. The “young base,” or voters aged 25 to 39 who always vote for Democrats, was one category. The other was characterized as black voters who consistently vote Democratic, 25 and older.
Though white voters were mentioned, the latter category likely consisted of people of other races. The following are the main worries that both black and young Democrats have about President Biden’s America:
● Inflation and crime
● Exhaustion with pandemic restrictions
● Cynicism about politics
● Deep frustration that President Joe Biden and Democrats have failed to deliver on their early promises.
● Sympathy for Ukraine mixed with a lack of enthusiasm for Biden spending too much time and money on the issue.
● Ambiguity about how important Jan. 6 should be for Democrats in the midterms.
Other keywords that stood out in the survey did not bode well for the Democrats.
● Exhausted
● Uptight
● Unsure
● Concerned
● Anxious
According to numerous survey respondents, wages have stayed low, food costs have increased, and housing prices have risen dramatically.
Analysts say there is a considerable divide between Democratic elitists in Washington, DC, and its electoral base of young and black people. The economy was the most divisive issue between the opposing socioeconomic groups.
Left-wing pundits will continually say that the U.S. economy is thriving and robust, and as a country, we are nearly fully employed. The keywords “thriving ” and “robust” were not in the survey’s keywords cloud.
Democratic Party insiders appear to be avoiding the reality about Biden’s price hikes, blaming their voters for voicing the harsh realities of their economic struggles. They seem not to want to believe the rhetoric and ignore their growling ston=machs and empty gas tanks.
The left-wing elite engages in “self-deception,” telling themselves that the media, not Biden’s programs, are to blame for Biden’s poor economic performance.
In the run-up to the November midterm elections, Democrats will need all of the support they can get from this demographic. The left appears to be suffering in almost every category except white, well-educated women, suggesting that the party is on the verge of a significant defeat.