Daily Wire Reportedly In Bitter Feud With Steven Crowder

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Last week, a very public battle erupted between Steven Crowder and the Daily Wire after Crowder posted a 28-minute video on YouTube last Tuesday eviscerating the conservative media company’s employment offer.

Without naming the Daily Wire specifically, Crowder explained that the contract offer he received included not just “unreasonable demands for control” but also “immoral terms that actually punish conservative content creators on behalf of big tech.”

Naturally, the video went viral on social media, prompting users to speculate which conservative company made the offer.

But that was revealed on Wednesday when Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing posted a video responding to Crowder’s complaints.

In his 52-minute video, Boreing defended the offer, which he revealed was a four-year contract with $50 million with an option to renew for another 2 years at $25 million.

In exchange for the $50 million “fee,” Crowder would be expected to produce “daily,” “monthly,” “quarterly,” and “annual” content.

For the daily content, Crowder would be expected to create four 90-minute shows per week, including 60 minutes without a paywall and another 30 minutes behind a paywall. That amounts to 192 episodes a year.

Additionally, Crowder would have to produce a monthly 90-minute “All Access Live Member Q/A” as well as a quarterly promotional shoot.

Finally, Crowder would have to produce one “feature-length entertainment special” a year, like a documentary or stand-up comedy routine. The Daily Wire would have covered the cost of producing these features.

But during his video on Tuesday, Crowder described the content requirements as “worse than Disney” or network television. He claimed that the contract amounted to “ownership of you and everything you do.”

Crowder outlined the problems he had with the contract offer. He noted that he would face a reduction in pay due to “boycotts, content strikes, or bans from major social media platforms” or for failing to meet the content output stipulated. He also objected to the stipulations placed on his ability to handle his social media accounts.

Crowder warned other conservative content creators not to sign contracts like this.