DCCC Gets Busted By Feds Over Alleged Fake Billing

For failing to disclose $5.20 million in payments related to election recounts, the Committee to Defeat the President, an anti-Biden super PAC, has lodged a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee( DCCC) and Elias Law Group.

According to reports, the DCCC paid Marc Elias, the head of the Democrat election legal company Elias Legal Group,  5.2 million dollars in Legal Services for ballot recounts between 2020 and 2022.

In its lawsuit, the political action group claimed that the funds were paid even though there was no active federal election recounting at the time.

The PAC additionally informed the Department of Justice that it believes the payments may be in violation of campaign finance regulations due to inaccurate reporting.

The reports show the FEC acknowledged receipt of the committee’s complaint last Monday and promised to follow up with the respondents and offer an update.

After a complaint is received by the FEC, the next step is to send a notice of receipt. Any further action, such as an investigation, requires the consent of four of the six commission members.

According to a report, the DNC has severed ties with Elias due to many strategic disputes. But Elias’ legal firm keeps working with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and other powerful Democrats.

Committee to Defeat the President attorney Dan Backer released a statement explaining that for years, the corrupt Democrats and Marc Elias have broken federal campaign finance rules, and it’s time to hold them responsible.

The public has a right to know the details of the Democrat Party’s dubious money laundering tactics, particularly in cases when campaign contributions are intended for one purpose but are used for another.

Former Democrat Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe Democrat recruited Marc Elias in the closing days of his 2021 gubernatorial race against Republican  Glenn Youngkin.

Marc Elias is infamous for his legal services for the Hillary Clinton campaign.