Deadspin Deletes “Racist” Tweet

( The odious Leftist “sports” website Deadspin attacked ESPN reporter Sage Steele as one of its “Idiots of the Year,” describing Steele as “the Black Candace Owens.”

Consider this Deadspin’s version of Joe Biden’s infamous comment that if you vote for Donald Trump “you ain’t black.”

Immediately, Deadspin was called out for what was clearly a bigoted hot take against both Steele and Candace Owens.

The Daily Caller’s David Hookstead hammered Deadspin, calling the tweet “garbage.” Hookstead accused Deadspin of launching a “racist attack against MULTIPLE black women” as a way to attack Steele because they disagree with her views.

In the accompanying article linked in the tweet, Deadspin explained that Steele made it on their Idiots of the Year list because she pointed out that Chicago is more dangerous than COVID-19.

In 2021, Chicago had its highest homicide rate since the 1990s. Clearly, Sage Steele was onto something.

But for the idiots at Deadspin, Steele noting how dangerous a “black city” Chicago is made Steele an idiot.

It also bothered Deadspin that Sage Steele criticized ESPN’s vaccine mandate. Does this mean if you criticize vaccine mandates “you ain’t black?” It also took delight in the fact that Steele contracted COVID.

But even Deadspin realized that promoting its Idiot of the Year column by tweeting that Steele was the black Candace Owens was a mistake. After receiving well-deserved blowback, Deadspin deleted the tweet.

Among the other “Idiots of the Year” Deadspin chose was Enes Kanter Freedom, the outspoken NBA star who has openly criticized China for its treatment of Tibet and the Uyghurs. Why would Deadspin choose Enes? Because he won’t speak out against Israel’s so-called human rights abuses in Palestine in the same way.

Deadspin also named Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for defending the rights of women and girls by barring biological males from playing in women’s sports.

Deadspin isn’t really a sports website. It’s a far-Left activist website that just so happens to write about sports.