Debate Commission For U.S. Presidential Debates Met With CCP In “Off-The-Record” Meetings

( Everybody knows that the Commission on Presidential Debates is biased. That was clear not only in the 2020 debates but in the 2016 debates and even earlier.

But did you know that the co-chair of the commission, Kenneth Wollack, had private, “off-the-record” conversations with officials from the Chinese Communist Party and connected influence groups?

According to a report by The National Pulse, Wollack was one of ten delegates for the first U.S.-China High-Level Political Party Leaders Dialogue. It was an event sponsored by the EastWest Institute as part of a partnership with the Chinese Communist Party’s International Department of the Central Committee.

In other words, the co-chair of the organization responsible for hosting perhaps the most consequential debates in world history attended meetings sponsored by the Chinese Communist Party…and those meetings were kept off the record.

The United States delegation was headed up by former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright.

That’s significant for multiple reasons, but perhaps most interestingly, Albright’s daughter already has substantial links the Chinese Communist Party. Alice Albright, who was nominated by the Biden administration to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the Millennium Challenge Corporation – a federal agency with a budget of $800 million that aims to aid the development of foreign countries – despite her 81-page financial disclosure revealing an investment of up to $250,000 in the China-U.S. Industrial Cooperation Partnership. The partnership is owned by a Chinese Communist Party sovereign wealth fund known as the China Investment Corp.


The East West Institute, which organized the meetings attended by Wollack, also has a long history of working with various Chinese influence groups, including the notorious China-United States Exchange Foundation.

According to the National Pulse, the U.S. delegation at the event attended “off-the-record” meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping and various Chinese Communist Party officials.

And nobody stopped to think that the people organizing these hugely consequential debates having secret meetings with the leader of a country quickly becoming an enemy of the United States was a bad idea?

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