Delta Airlines To Offer Free Wi-Fi Starting In 2023

( By the beginning of next year, some Delta Air Lines passengers might have free internet access.

People familiar with the situation told a Wall Street Journal reporter that the airline plans to introduce free wireless internet for a sizable portion of its planes in early 2023 before extending the service to other aircraft for the remainder of the year to gain an advantage over rivals.

Delta Air Lines declined to comment on the report, but a spokesperson for the company told FOX Business that the carrier is already in the process of testing Wi-Fi infrastructure with various offerings to select customers on select routes. Delta noted that they would notify those customers on their flight if the option is available.

The airline currently offers a selection of Wi-Fi passes and subscriptions for customers to buy for use while traveling. Frequent travelers can purchase a domestic plan for $50 per month and a global plan for $70 per month.

The free Wi-Fi for passengers is a project that Delta has been working on for a while. During a Skift Global Forum in 2018, CEO Ed Bastian stated that the airline was attempting to determine how to make this possible. Bastian claimed they are going to figure out how to offer WiFi free of charge.

According to numerous reports, the airline tested it out in 2019 on a large number of domestic flights. The carrier partnered with Viasat Inc. two years later to provide improved connectivity.

Delta is not the only major airline with this plan.

Hawaiian Airlines announced in April of last year that it was the first significant airline to sign a contract with Starlink for the provision of free high-speed, low-latency broadband internet access onboard flights between the Hawaiian islands and the U.S. mainland, Asia, and Oceania.

Next year, Hawaiian Airlines and Starlink plan to install the product on a few of their aircraft.

According to its website, Starlink is the first and largest satellite constellation in the world.  Starlink uses a low Earth orbit to provide broadband internet that can support streaming, online gaming, video calls, and other activities.

It would be even nicer if the airlines offered lower ticket prices and had the flights depart and arrive on time.