Dem California Governor Newsom to Allow Release of 8,000 Dangerous Inmates

( Democratic Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, is expected to allow the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to release 8,000 dangerous inmates into the public. It comes as many states, including California, have already released thousands of inmates early who are considered to be non-dangerous. It has already backfired in New York where dozens of arrests took place just hours after releasing many inmates.

According to California officials, the plan to release inmates early over fears of spreading the Chinese coronavirus inside the prisons could mean 8,000 dangerous criminals released in less than eight weeks. It is reportedly said to help “implement physical distancing, isolation, and quarantine efforts.” All inmates released will also be tested for the virus “within seven days of release.”

Would you rather dangerous criminals be in prisons risking getting coronavirus, or out on the streets and also risking getting coronavirus?

In a statement released on the CDCR website, the Director of Californians for Safety and Justice said that they are “glad the Governor is taking action to release more people.”

“This is absolutely critical for the health and safety of every Californian,” he said. “Too many people are incarcerated for too long in facilities that spread poor health. Supporting the health and safety of all Californians means releasing people unnecessarily incarcerated and transforming our justice system.”

The release of some 8,000 dangerous criminals onto the streets of California would take the total to around 18,000, because roughly 10,000 inmates have already been released early over claims they face a greater risk of catching the coronavirus while in custody. In Los Angeles, inmates were released without even being tested for the virus, potentially putting people outside the prison at greater risk.

New York hasn’t been the only place to see a bad fall out from the release of criminals onto the streets. Los Angeles has seen it too, and footage from inside the prisons even showed inmates purposely trying to spread the virus. Inmates could be seen purposely drinking from the same water bottle, something they never do, in the hope that they might contract the virus and be let out of prison early.