Dem Voters & Antifa VIOLENTLY ATTACK Jewish Trump Supporters In New York City

( On Sunday, Jewish supporters for President Trump took to the streets of Brooklyn to show their support for the president’s re-election campaign. It comes at a time when the state governor, Democrat Andrew Cuomo, along with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, continue targeting Jewish communities with strict COVID-19 lockdown rules.

Footage shared on Twitter on Sunday showed hundreds of cars driving through Republican parts of Brooklyn, which yes, amazingly do still exist. Protesters were peaceful, waving flags from their cars and driving safely through the streets.

The peaceful demonstration, however, attracted the attention of far-left supporters of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. It also attracted attention from Black Lives Matter and Antifa “Black Bloc” activists who used it as an opportunity to violently assault anybody they saw who supports the president.

One piece of shocking footage showed how far-left activists threw rocks and bricks from a bridge at passing cars, endangering the lives of people driving below them.

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell retweeted an image of one of the men seen throwing rocks and various other objects that the Jews for Trump Caravan, and CC’d New York Governor Andrew Cuomo into the message.

Do you think he’ll see it…or act on it?

Andy Ngo, the editor-at-large for conservative news outlet The Post Millennial, who is also known for his coverage of far-left violence, tweeted disturbing footage of “Black Bloc” rioters attacking people in the street. The angry far-left activists damaged cars and, when people left the cars to attempt to stop them, they began physically assaulting anyone who appeared to support the president.

New York police officers were at the scene to help, but it didn’t stop the radical Democrats physically assaulting people.

At one point in the video, police officers begin to arrest one of the violent activists, but other Antifa activists get involve and try to pull the person away. Officers were able to wrestle them away and continue the arrest.

What will happen to America if the party representing these violent extremists wins in November?