Democrat Candidate Claims Biracial Commercials Shouldn’t Exist

( A mouthy, racist Michigan conservative radio host, who last week filed to run for the state senate as a Democrat, has come under fire over recently saying traditional families should be white.

Talk show host Randy Bishop, who goes by “Trucker Randy” said during a March broadcast of his radio show, “Your Defending Fathers,” that a family should consist of a white mother, white father, and white children.

Bishop was discussing television commercials that ran during college basketball games that he claimed were telling him to feel guilty because he believes a family should be white. He claimed “they” want white people to die and go away and suggested that “they” would try to do that “through politics this year.”

He also claimed that television commercials are “trying to take away the male’s masculinity.” He said commercials always show white men who are “either stupid, dependent on a woman, or a complete rumbling, stumbling, bumbling idiot.”

After Bishop, who previously ran for office as a Republican, filed to run for the Michigan Senate as a Democrat, Michigan’s Democrat Party immediately condemned his remarks and refused to support his candidacy. In a Facebook post, the Michigan Democrat Party said Bishop running as a Democrat was “deeply insulting” and said his views “have no place in the Democratic Party.”

In their Facebook post, the Michigan Dems described Bishop as “a dishonest minor social media personality” who “shows nothing but disrespect to our system of government.” They accused him of launching a state senate campaign to promote himself and push his “personal agenda” of “lies, hate, and fear.” They closed their statement by saying Bishop’s “disgusting racist belief systems” aren’t welcome in the Democrat Party and shouldn’t be welcome in any party “or community.”

Of course, if Randy Bishop was black and said a family should be a black mom, black dad, and black children, the Michigan Democrat Party probably wouldn’t have had a single problem with him.

Randy Bishop, who has two felony fraud convictions, is currently facing a charge of disturbing the peace.