Democrat Fox News Host Chris Wallace Says It Might Be “Curtains” For Joe Biden

( Friday, during an appearance on America’s Newsroom with Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino the day after President Biden’s muddled and mumbling address to the nation on the Kabul airport attack, Wallace warned that while the President might be able to “come back” from that terror attack in Kabul, if there is a subsequent terror attack in the US, ”that could be curtains for the Biden presidency.”

Wallace is right that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan has left the US “diminished in our ability to deal with all the jihadists” that will no doubt flock to a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

Complicating the situation is the lack of US bases from which to conduct counterterrorism operations in bordering countries like Uzbekistan or Tajikistan.

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that during their Geneva Summit back in June, Russian President Vladimir Putin rejected President Biden’s plan to establish a military presence in the Central Asian countries bordering Afghanistan.

With the push to get all US troops out of Afghanistan, the Biden administration had hoped to establish a counter-terrorism network of drone and surveillance capabilities within one of these bordering countries.

According to the WSJ, Putin also reportedly told Biden during their Geneva meeting that China would also reject any US military presence in the region.

Without a nearby counterterrorism presence to conduct surveillance on Islamic terror groups now reestablishing in Afghanistan, the US will have to operate from bases around the Persian Gulf or from Navy aircraft carriers stationed in the Indian Ocean.

The sheer distance of travel alone will hamstring surveillance capabilities as up to sixty percent of the mission will be spent on flying to and from Afghanistan from these far-away locations.

It is remarkable that Biden pressed ahead with the withdrawal despite the fact that there was no counterterrorism or surveillance base in place to pick up the slack.

Then again, nothing would deter Biden from sticking to his August 31 withdrawal date.

Already major al Qaeda leaders, as well as the thousands of ISIS-K terrorists the Taliban released from Bagram’s prison, are making use of the US absence from Afghanistan. And now our ability to monitor these terror groups is severely hampered.

As many Afghan and intel veterans have warned, as bad as things have been during this frantic, chaotic withdrawal, the worst is still to come.