Democrat Governor Says Masks Don’t Work

( While much of the country was perfectly happy to wear masks at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, not knowing exactly how dangerous this disease was and wanting to help protect the vulnerable, it has become clear over the last two years that masks don’t work…and COVID-19 isn’t as dangerous as once thought.

It’s now so obvious that even Democrats, who have been the most vocal in their support for mask mandates, are speaking out against this nonsense.

Democratic Governor of Connecticut, Ned Lamont, recently pointed to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in New York City to prove that wearing masks and even implementing authoritarian vaccine mandates just don’t stop the spread of this virus.

Lamont made the comments during a recent press conference, during which he explained how his state is continuing to fight the spread of COVID-19. When asked by a journalist about mask mandates, he quipped, “well it’s not curbing the spike down in New York City, which is probably ground zero.”

He better be careful, or the Democratic establishment will come down on him like a ton of bricks…

Lamont also made it clear that he believes the booster shot is the “number one priority” and that it’s important to make sure that everybody can get boosted, but didn’t suggest that he would be implementing or promoting new mask mandates.

In Connecticut, the state government has championed a more aggressive testing program, as opposed to pushing masks. It means that the state can more accurately trace the spread of the virus, which makes it easier to stop the virus from spreading. It makes much more sense than forcing people to wear masks that…don’t stop the spread of the virus.

Free COVID-19 tests have been handed out to residents of the state in huge numbers, with Lamont telling the press that some 42,000 have already been made available.