Democrat leader Defends Bringing In Armed Guards After Calling To Defund Police

( It was recently reported that Congresswoman Cori Bush (BLM-MO), one of the most vocal advocates for Defund the Police, spent $70,000 on private security.

Now, it would be easy to accuse Cori Bush of being a hypocrite. But Democrats know they’re hypocrites. The charge slides off them like rain on a duck’s back. To them hypocrisy is a feature, not a bug. Cori Bush believes that her need for security and protection far outweighs your need for security and protection.

To Cori Bush, she’s important and regular Americans aren’t. Therefore, as one of the important people, she can enjoy the privilege of armed protection while regular Americans are left defenseless.

Most Democrat politicians aren’t stupid enough to come out and admit that on national television. But Cori Bush isn’t particularly bright. So Cori Bush went on live television and flat-out admitted that she gets security because she is more important than regular Americans.

Bush appeared on CBS News Thursday morning, and in less than thirty seconds managed to say the quiet part out loud.


It’s as if Cori believes saying these astonishing things in the voice of a Baptist preacher will somehow make it less appalling.

Spoiler alert: they’re still appalling.

If there have actually been “attempts” on her life, how is it none of these attempts have made the news? Well, because Cori is lying. There haven’t been “attempts” on her life. She has gotten threats to be sure. Every member of Congress gets threats. Sadly, it comes with the job.

But threats are not “attempts” on her life.

Meanwhile, regular Americans are getting beaten, robbed and killed in America’s cities. But Cori Bush believes anonymous threats warrant her having security, while actual physical harm to regular Americans is no reason to keep funding the police.

It’s unbelievably brazen.

In response to that mind-boggling segment, radio host Jesse Kelly pointed out that Cori, like the rest of “priest-class of communism,” believes that she should enjoy things the rest of us do not get to enjoy.

In short, police protection for me and not for thee.

On Thursday, the Gutfeld! Show on Fox took a blowtorch to Cori Bush’s unbelievable admission. It’s well worth watching: