Democrat Mayor Makes A Racial Excuse Over Her Luxury Jet Use

( LaToya Cantrell, the Democratic mayor of New Orleans, said that because she is a black woman, traveling economy class would have put her in danger. As a result, she needed to spend tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on luxury flights.

Yes, she said that.

Cantrell made the remarks in reaction to criticism about the $30,000 she spent on first-class airfare to travel to France and Switzerland.

Even though her security entourage took coach on the flights, the Mayor refuses to give back the money, saying that her “travel accommodations are an issue of safety, not luxury.”

Cantrell oddly asserted that as the mother of a small child for whom she lives, she would defend herself by any means possible to guarantee that she is around to watch her grow into the strong lady she is training her to be.

She said that anyone who questions how she defends herself simply doesn’t comprehend the environment in which black women live.

She maintains that her life may be in danger if she isn’t luxuriating in luxury, sipping champagne in first class at taxpayer expense, and the hardship of being a wealthy, powerful politician is real.

The mayor broke city policy by traveling in style to Switzerland in July and France earlier this year while claiming that she was “doing business on behalf of the city.” According to city policy, officials “are required to purchase the lowest airfare available” and can only upgrade at their own expense.

Cantrell, though, is stonewalling on payment.

She declared that the city of New Orleans would not be compensated for any costs paid while conducting business on its behalf.
In addition to spending $2,300 on a luxurious flight to a Conference of Mayors meeting in Washington, Cantrell also spent over $2,800 on a first-class journey to Miami for a US Conference of Mayors in March.

Both times, her workers paid far less for the flights, so Cantrell could enjoy herself in first class while they were all crammed into economy.