Democrat Star Goes After Ocasio-Cortez

( Remember Marianne Williamson? She’s the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate who admitted on a hot mic that Republicans and conservative media treat her so much better than Democrats and left-wing media, before backtracking out of fear of retribution soon after.

And while she may have backtracked on that, she’s no longer shy about criticizing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her brand of extreme progressivism.

Williamson tore into AOC last week over the use of “doublespeak” and her “bullsh*t” comments about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s leadership of Congressional Democrats.

Williamson was responding to comments made by AOC to The New Yorker recently, relating to whether it is “healthy” for the Democratic Party to keep Pelosi in power.

“We are in such a delicate moment of the day-to-day, particularly with the threats to our democracy. I believe that, at the end of the day, there’s going to be a generational change in our leadership. That is just a simple fact. Now, when that particular moment happens? I think it’s a larger question of conditions and circumstance,” AOC said.

She added that it’s not just a question of Speaker Pelosi but of the entire caucus, which she slammed as not having any “stones.”

Williamson, who is by no means a moderate herself, slammed AOC for being too passive.

“I mean, these people who are 80, 85, 90 holding on to this kind of power, not allowing the leadership to come up. So then Alexandria Ocasio Cortez says ‘well, it will happen at the end of the day.’ How much time do these people think they have?” she said.

So, she wasn’t so much coming out to bat for Nancy Pelosi, but in favor of dramatically changing the Democratic Party even more quickly than AOC plans.

One extremist fighting with another extremist about how quickly they can make their own party more extreme. That’s what this is.