Democrats’ $3 Trillion Bill LEGALIZES Controversial Ballot Harvesting Nationally

( Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert told Breitbart on Friday how he’s concerned about the new coronavirus relief bill recently passed in the House of Representatives, and how it pushes forward the Democrats’ agenda to legalize controversial voting practices that risk the integrity of American elections.

During an interview, Gohmert said that partisan Democratic bill “federalizes elections,” and stops states from having voter ID requirements and allows ballot harvesting. It could mean more people misrepresenting who they are in ballot stations and voting on behalf of other people, and Democratic activists collecting ballots from peoples’ homes and delivering them…without election count officials knowing whether the ballots have been tampered with.

“We had the $3 trillion giveaway,” he said about the so-called HEROES Act. “It included really must-pass important things, like preventing states from having voter ID requirements before they can vote. We’ve got to allow more voter fraud, and the voter ID requirement is just an impediment to more voter fraud. So that was important to have in this bill that the Democrats passed today,” he said sarcastically.

The Republicans have vowed not to discuss this next round of coronavirus relief packages until later in the Summer, so although the bill has passed the House, it’s unlikely to even be debated in the Senate any time soon, let alone be passed and signed into law.

He explains how the bill would codify ballot harvesting, meaning that “Democrats all over the country, when they lose an election, they can go out and pick up ballots from people and say, ‘Whoops, that person didn’t really win because we’ve been able to manufacture a lot of votes that we needed to get this person defeated.’”

Ballot harvesting is already used by Democrats in the states where it is legal, and a similar postal voting system is used heavily by the socialist Labour Party in the United Kingdom. It allows activists to collect ballots from peoples’ doors, meaning there is a risk of activists filling in the ballots themselves or tampering with them before handing them in to be counted.

Democrats, including VP hopefully Stacey Abrams, are brushing off claims of voter fraud as a myth, however.

Gohmert also told Breitbart how such a huge change in the rules could violate the constitution.

“That will make ballot harvesting legal for the whole country, and even though the Constitution is clear, elections generally are afforded to the states and the people, but this changes the Constitution and basically federalizes the entire election process,” he said.