Democrats Are Scared Of Criticizing Kamala Harris, Reports Say

( It has been reported that prominent Democrats are reluctant to criticize Vice President Kamala Harris for fear of being labeled racist or sexist if they do so publicly.

Any Democrat who openly criticizes Harris is immediately accused by activists and social-media critics of showing, at best, racial and gender insensitivity, according to Politico’s Jonathan Martin.

What is needed is a solid Democratic voice against her, a voice like the Congressional Black Caucus. An anonymous source told Martin that none of the white members would criticize Harris.

There is great fear that an unpopular Harris may attempt to follow in the footsteps of the 80-year-old president. Most Democrat leaders are “reluctant” to discuss Joseph Biden’s age, let alone the Harris dilemma.

Around a dozen Democratic governors remained silent when Martin asked them at a recent news conference if they felt Harris should be chosen without a competitive primary if Biden were to bow out of seeking a second term in office.

The problem is the incumbent is the legacy pick in usual circumstances, and if Harris is passed by because of unpopularity and incompetence, it will be seen as racist.

Notwithstanding the hesitation of Democrats, the majority of people are unsatisfied with Harris’s job as vice president, according to an average of polls performed by FiveThirtyEight.

Recent polling indicates that most Americans (52.1% as of the previous week) have a terrible impression of Harris, while just a minority (40.5%) have a favorable one.

Ipsos recently released a survey finding that, among fictitious Democratic candidates for president in 2024 other than Joe Biden, Harris received the most support (27%). Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont came in second with 18%, followed by Sec. of Transportation Pete Buttigieg with 15%.

What a terrible bench.

If Biden doesn’t run, it is an open field. We could see the likes of Newsome, Michele Obama, or even Hillary jump into the fray.