Democrats Block Border Wall Funding Like Cowards

( On June 29, the House Appropriations Committee released its DHS funding bill for fiscal year 2022 that not only decreases funding for border controls and interior immigration enforcement, but also strips all funding from border wall construction.

Instead, the bill expands funding for President Biden’s initiative to provide sanctuary to as many illegal aliens as possible.

But Kamala Harris wants America to believe Climate Change is the “root cause” of the border crisis.

The bill cuts $930 million from Customs and Border Protection funding and reduces funding to ICE by $1.5 million. The $2.06 billion appropriated for constructing the border wall has also been diverted. $100 million of that appropriated amount will instead be diverted to the Department of the Interior. $132 million will be shifted to “new technology” for a “virtual border wall” along the border – something Democrats and beltway Republicans have long claimed (without evidence) would be more effective than an actual physical wall.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) funding will be used to expand alternatives to detention for illegal aliens. These alternative would allow detainees to be released into the interior of the US.

Additionally, the ICE budget will prevent agents from deporting illegal aliens who apply to sponsor an unaccompanied child, or illegals whose only crime is possession of marijuana.

The boost in funding for Biden’s sanctuary policies will include, among other things, requiring DHS to provide attorneys to detained illegals, banning funding to ICE’s program that allows officers to arrest suspected illegals, prohibiting deportations of any illegal with “pending claims for humanitarian relief,” and banning Homeland Security investigation units from participating in civil immigration enforcement.

House Appropriations Republican member Chuck Fleischmann attacked the Democrats over the DHS funding bill which he said will make it impossible for both border patrol and ICE to do their jobs.

On Wednesday, June 30, the Appropriations Committee voted to approve the Homeland Security funding bill. It will now go the full Congress for a vote.

Thursday night, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy excoriated House Democrats for pushing to defund border security in the middle of an unprecedented crisis at the southern border.