Democrats Caught Election Meddling

( The Democrats in Congress love to rail about getting “Dark Money” out of politics.

But when Democrats (and their media) talk about getting rid of “Dark Money,” what they actually mean is stopping high-dollar conservatives from having the same kind of undue influence Democrats enjoy.

In truth, the Democrat Party has no problem with high-dollar progressive donors shoveling buckets of cash into nonprofit groups to benefit Democrats. So-called “philanthropy” groups and big money organizations that favor Democrats, like the Tides Foundation or Arabella Advisors, are never included among the “Dark Money” boogeymen. Only conservative groups.

Both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer lead the way in raising, directing, orchestrating and spending so-called “Dark Money.” According to the Washington Free Beacon, during the 2020 congressional elections, Pelosi and Schumer headed up the funneling of millions in Dark Money cash into House and Senate campaigns.

Majority Forward, a nonprofit with ties to Chuck Schumer’s Senator Majority PAC, pushed over $57 million into super PACs that were key in helping the Democrats retake the majority in the Senate. That is vastly more than what Majority Forward wrangled in 2016 and 2018 combined.

Since Majority Forward is a nonprofit, it does not need to disclose its donors. In other words, the Chuck Schumer-connected nonprofit is, by definition “dark” money.

During its mid-2018 to mid-2019 fundraising, Majority Forward raked in $76 million in anonymous donations. At the same time, it passed tens of millions along to other leftwing nonprofit groups who then used the money to increase “voter engagement.”

The single largest donation Majority Forward made was to the group “America Votes,” which subsequently found itself under investigation in Georgia, along with Vote Forward and the Stacey Abrams’ group The New Georgia Project, for allegedly sending ballot applications to non-Georgia residents.

The Democrat war against “Dark Money” isn’t to stop the flow of millions from benefitting Democrats. It is a targeted war to stop Republicans from having the same kind of money flowing to them.

One America News’ Scott Wheeler interviewed the Capital Research Center’s Hayden Ludwig, author of “Dark Money in Big Shadows,” about the prevalence of and dependence on “Dark Money” within the Democrat Party.

Watch it HERE.