Democrats Demand Even More Censorship By Google Of Disenfranchised Males

( “Demanding” that the CEOs of Google’s parent firm Alphabet and YouTube remove “extreme and destructive” incel content from their respective platforms is something that Congressman Adam Schiff and Senator Dick Durbin are doing.

A person who is celibate due to circumstances beyond their control is referred to as an incel.

In their demand for censorship, the Democrats referenced a report by the far-left organization known as the “Center for Countering Digital Hate.”

According to the survey’s findings, incel channels on YouTube have racked up more than 24 million views collectively.

A press release by the politicians stated that the findings of the CCDH investigation make it abundantly evident that misogynist communities have established male-supremacist online spaces to propagate their vile and violent ideology, laying the blame for their problems at the feet of women and members of minority groups.

The letter stated that while incels have been described as loners or socially isolated, they are embedded in highly active, densely interconnected online communities that encourage and celebrate their horrific beliefs and acts.

According to the press release, Schiff and Durbin “specifically urge Alphabet and YouTube to remove content and channels that drive users toward harmful incel communities, and request additional information on what safety measures the platforms are implementing to protect users – particularly young users – and prevent violent content from proliferating.”

“We consider all this reprehensible and worry about its potential consequences.” The letter went on to say that major social media sites and search engines that claim to support safety should actually follow through with taking action.

Democrat Senators Bob Menendez and Mazie Hirono, as well as Democratic Representatives Hank Johnson, André Carson, Jackie Speier, Ed Case, Darren Soto, Lori Trahan, and Mondaire Jones, all signed the letter together.

The First Amendment makes it illegal for the government to restrict speech in any way, but the Democrats appear to be trying to get around this provision of the Constitution by pressuring private businesses to carry out their directives.