Democrats Don’t Meet With Biden Claiming There Was An “Error”

( Last Friday, President Biden traveled to Pittsburgh as part of his effort to promote the White House’s so-called accomplishments before the midterm elections. However, two of the three leading Democrats running for statewide election in November declined the White House’s invitation to join the President.

The White House had invited Senate primary candidates Conor Lamb and John Fetterman as well as gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro to attend Friday’s event. But only Conor Lamb agreed to come.

First Stacey Abrams declines her invitation to attend President Biden’s vitriolic address in Georgia. And now three Democrats do the same in Pennsylvania. And like Abrams, these three Democrats claimed “scheduling conflicts” as their reason for skipping the event.

But “scheduling conflicts” is probably code for “Stay away from the guy who is polling poison.”

Sure, both Fetterman and Shapiro are claiming their decision to stay away from Biden the way Superman steers clear of Kryptonite has nothing to do with politics. But what else are they going to say?

Interestingly, the top Pennsylvania Democrats who aren’t on the ballot in November did show up for Biden’s event, including outgoing Governor Tom Wolf and Democrat Senator Bob Casey who isn’t up for reelection until 2024.

But for those who face voters in November, Biden’s growing unpopularity is a millstone around their neck.

An Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll released last week showed a staggering 61.5 percent of Georgians disapprove of President Biden, 50.3 percent of them “strongly disapprove.” Biden’s approval in Georgia stands at a measly 33.7 percent. Of those, only 12.9 “strongly approve.”

This is why Stacey Abrams had a “scheduling conflict.”

And, despite their denials, this is why both Fetterman and Shapiro did as well. In a recent Muhlenberg College poll in January, Biden’s approval in Pennsylvania is only 36 percent.

In short, Joe Biden is ballot box poison.

This may also explain why Beto O’Rourke, who is making a run for Texas governor, said last week that he didn’t need President Biden campaigning for him.