Democrats ENDANGER Milwaukee By REFUSING to Cancel Huge DNC Event

( President Donald Trump made the decision last week to cancel the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville, Florida. Trump chose to sacrifice his own coronation as the official party candidate for the November presidential election to keep Jacksonville safe while Florida sees a surge in new COVID-19 cases. The Democrats, however, are putting party before public safety and refusing to cancel their Democratic National Convention.

Speaking to SiriusXM, The Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez insisted that they are “putting nobody in harm’s way” and that the event will be “significantly smaller” but “will be no less exciting.”

Perez said that this is the “most important election of our lifetime” and used it as an excuse to plough forward with their plans to host the dangerously large event.

Who thinks that the only reason they’re not cancelling it completely is because it means President Trump was right to cancel the RNC?

“We are anchored in Milwaukee and we will have exciting programming in Milwaukee,” Perez told Politico. “The vice president will accept the nomination from Milwuakee.”

He also took aim at President Trump during the Politico interview, saying they will “honor the values of the Democratic Party” and that Joe Biden “doesn’t need the ego gratification of being surrounded by 20,000, and that is why we’re doing it in a safe way.”

Oh boy…it looks like they haven’t heard the news yet!

The Republican National Convention was expected to take place August 24-27 in Jacksonville, but now that President Trump has bailed on the plans, many are speculating that the Republican Party is looking to create an amazing virtual online event that can be attended by millions of people instead of a few thousand.

If the Republicans pull this off, then it could be even more spectacular than the RNC would have been even without social distancing rules. Instead of allowing tens of thousands of people to turn up and see the president be announced as the official candidate for the Republican Party, millions of people can log in online and get involved virtually.

Let’s hope the Republicans don’t let us down! Imagine how depressing the DNC will be with a few attendees in their own designated circles watching Joe Biden struggling to get through a teleprompter speech…