Democrat’s Husband Caught Pushing Gender Surgery For 10 Year Old

( Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’ husband is a child psychiatrist specializing in gender transitions, according to a report from The Gateway Pundit. Hobbs has previously shown support for irreversible surgery for children who claim to be transgender in opposition to new Arizona laws that would prevent doctors from operating on minors.

The revelation comes after a lawsuit was revealed against Patrick Goodman, Hobbs’ husband. Goodman works for Phoenix Children’s Hospital, where he reportedly specializes “in serving youth and families affected by trauma and grief,” as well as in a “gender support program” serving “gender diverse” and transgender youth.

The hospital reportedly takes a “gender-affirming approach” to transgender children and was recently named indirectly in a lawsuit brought against the state. The children’s guardians were trying to compel the state to change the gender listed on their birth certificates to accurately reflect their children’s current perceived gender.

“Every child has a different way of expressing gender and some may express themselves in ways that are different from what we expect,” the hospital’s website reads.

Goodman, labeled as a potential witness in the case, was identified in the lawsuit as a therapist who assisted a 10-year-old trans girl, named Jane Doe, according to court documents. He is expected to testify “regarding his mental health treatment of Jane Doe’s gender dysphoria and opinion regarding Jane’s health and well-being absent injunctive relief,” court documents read.

A filing reads that Goodman was sought out by the parents of Jane Doe who initially thought that their boy’s insistence on being a girl was “just a phrase.” When it turned out that it was not, the child began going to Goodman who diagnosed him with gender dysphoria.

After Arizona passed bills, SB 1138 and SB 1165, preventing irreversible surgeries on minors and from biological males participating in female sports, respectively, Hobbs came out in support of the LGBT community.

“My heart goes out to the entire LGBTQ+ community, especially our youth, who are being targeted and discriminated against by their own government, and being denied their freedom of identity,” said Hobbs in a statement.