Democrats Kill Bill That Would Prevent Funds From Reaching Iran

( Congressional Republicans proposed a number of measures that would’ve put an end to the U.S. using taxpayer funds to send to Iran as well as increased the economic sanctions that are currently placed on them.

However, they won’t go into effect as proposed because Democrats have blocked those bills.

Last week, the House Rules Committee — which is led by the Democrats — denied seven different measures back by Republicans that were targeting Iran. Conservatives were hoping to include some of those measures in the National Defense Authorization Act, of NDAA, which passed last week. It is a widespread and wide-reaching bill that funds all different kinds of national security measures.

Sources in Congress spoke to the Washington Free Beacon recently and said that Democrats in the House rejected the Republican-backed measures in part to help the White House to try to secure a new version of the 2015 nuclear pact with Iran.

The negotiations for a renewed pact are still ongoing. While that’s happening, Biden administration officials are trying to get congressional allies to not pass any bill that could end up angering the Iranian government, which could ultimately lead to the talks eroding.

In referring to the nuclear deal, Indiana Republican Representative Jim Banks commented to the Free Beacon that Chuck Schumer, the majority leader in the Senate, “opposed the original JCPOA, and I hoped congressional Democrats might come to their senses and oppose Biden’s disastrous Iran reboot.”

That didn’t end up happening, though, which surprised Banks. He said that he expected some Democrats in the House to support the proposed bills that would’ve prevented taxpayer funds from being awarded to Iran.

He explained:

“But Democrats’ foreign policy is even weaker now than it was during the Obama years. House Democrats voted to pave the way towards a JCPOA 2.0 that will enrich terrorists and bring Iran even closer to obtaining a nuclear weapon. It’s not just Joe Biden; the whole party is to blame.”

The bill that Republicans prosed would’ve prevented any funds that were allocated during the NDAA fiscal year 2023 from being sent to “the government or Iran,” “any person owned or controlled by the government of Iran,” as well as “any person identified on the list of specifically designated nationals.”

Another Republican-prosed measure would’ve removed Biden’s ability to waive any sanctions on Russian people who do work on the nuclear program in Iran. Democrats ultimately rejected that provision, too, though, even as members of both parties have consistently criticized Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Some of the other measures that Democrats rejected would have placed sanctions on the office of the supreme leader of Iran as a result of reported human rights abuses. The White House also would’ve been required, under the bill, to give Congress a report on any Iranian who could’ve possibly been a target of more sanctions.

Somehow, House Democrats found a way to justify their moves, even as it’s quite obvious that more needs to be done to stop Iran.