Democrats Reeling From Scathing Memo That Warns Of Dangers Of Black Lives Matter Movement

( While Democrats want you to think that they are in full support of the Black Lives Matter movement, a newly resurfaced memo from November 2015 proves they are anything but.

That memo, which was first leaked in 2016 by a hacker, came from Troy Perry, who is a senior Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee member. In it, he calls the Black Lives Matter movement “radical,” and goes on to make suggestions to Democratic candidates about how to handle the activists when dealing with their campaigns.

The memo from Perry, who is also black, calls the BLM a “radical movement to end ‘anti-black racism.'” He then suggests that that the activists with BLM don’t want the movement “co-opted by the Democratic Party. The memo also warns those who received it that:

“This document should not be emailed or handed to anyone outside the building. Please only give campaign staff these best practices in meetings or over the phone.”

With the BLM movement re-surfacing in full force following the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, Democrats have attempted to align themselves with the group’s message of equality, and an end to police brutality and systemic racism. Members of Congress from the party have even introduced wide-sweeping legislation on police reform.

But this memo may undermine whatever efforts they were hoping to achieve in gaining more followers to the party.

Some of the damning parts of the memo are that Perry suggests that Democratic candidates should meet with BLM members if they request a meeting, but the candidates shouldn’t “offer support for concrete policy positions.” And candidates should definitely never “say ‘all lives matter’ nor mention ‘black-on-black crime.'”

He continued:

“These are all viewed as red herring attacks. This response will garner additional media scrutiny and only anger BLM activists. This is the worst response.”

The public reaction to the memo a few years ago was obviously not good. In 2016, a prominent spokesman for Black Lives Matter, Deray Mckesson, tweeted:

“The DNCC memo re: the movement highlights a serious lack of attention to issues related to black people. Has their view changed since 2015?”

Democrats are hoping to move past the scathing memo and engender good faith and support from BLM members and people of all backgrounds who are supporting the movement in general. One way they are attempting to do that is through their “Justice in Policing Act of 2020.”

Among other measures, it would establish a registry for police misconduct, and make it so that officers could be punished for “knowingly or with reckless disregard” violating someone’s constitutional rights. Currently, officers can only be prosecuted according to federal law if they “willfully” violate someone’s constitutional rights, which is considered a higher standard than the new language proposed.

Republicans in the Senate as well as officials in the White House are expected to release details on police reform of their own in the coming week, as the country looks to right wrongs of the past.