Democrats Start Taking Riots Seriously After Biden Elected

(TheLibertyRevolution)- Now that Joe Biden is president, Democrats all over the country mysteriously seem to care about the violence engulfing their cities. After spending a year refusing help from the National Guard, mayors and governors are calling in for help as Antifa and Black Lives Matter extremists – who are overwhelmingly Democrats – continue their campaigns of arson, violence, and destruction.

On Saturday, just days after Biden was sworn in, the city of Seattle also announced that anyone charged with destroying property during the new wave of violent protests will now face much stricter prosecution and sentences.

Why didn’t they do this in 2020 when the city of Portland was engulfed in violence for more than 100 consecutive nights?

Seattle’s interim police Chief Adrian Diaz announced the decision to ramp up law enforcement would begin as of Saturday afternoon, with measures put in place thanks to coordination with City Attorney Pete Holmes.

“They’re focused on breaking windows, and these are things we need to work on,” Police Chief Diaz said of the far-left rioters. He also explained how some people have already been arrested four or five times, and that those people will be prosecuted heavily.

“We will be prosecuting these crimes from now on,” he said, indicating that many people had already been released without charges after being arrested.

“When we don’t have any form of accountability for people – and many of them are coming from outside the city – they will continue to do that activity, and we can’t have that,” he said.

And in case you didn’t know the riots had returned, given how the mainstream media doesn’t like to report on them, take a look at these videos shared by reporter Andy Ngo, who is notorious for his coverage of Antifa violence.

The decision to begin prosecuting extremists is a far cry from what the Seattle City Council proposed back in December. Back then, they were considering changing the criminal code to allow people to get away with committing crimes if they could prove, somehow, that committing those acts was a matter of surviving.

No, it doesn’t make any sense.

Also, back in July, Seattle police chief Carmen Best warned businesses that police officers couldn’t “safely intercede” if their businesses or homes were targeted by rioters.

So what changed?

Well, the president did. And there’s no longer any way of pinning the unrest on Trump…