Democrats Think Children Should Be Allowed To Choose Their Pronouns

( A recent Harvard/Harris poll released last month included questions on “transgender ideology” and children.

The survey asked if respondents think children should be allowed to choose their pronouns or should they use pronouns associated with their sex.

While a solid majority of respondents, 59 percent, said children’s pronouns should correspond with their sex, among Democrat respondents, only 39 percent agreed.

The vast majority of Democrats, 61 percent, said children should be permitted to choose their pronouns.

Among Republicans, 77 percent believe pronouns should correspond with biological sex while 64 percent of Independents agreed.

A more solid majority of all respondents said allowing children to choose their pronouns will end up confusing them. Meanwhile, 40 percent believe children choosing their pronouns will prevent discrimination.

A majority of respondents, 63 percent think teachers should be required to use a child’s preferred pronouns. At the same time, 73 percent of respondents said “misgendering” someone should not be considered illegal discrimination.

In the same survey, over half of the respondents, 56 percent, said their personal financial situation has gotten worse, not better. While only 20 percent said their situation has gotten better.

A plurality, 41 percent say they are pessimistic about the next year. Meanwhile, a near-majority, 49 percent, expect the US will be in a recession in the next year.

Far and away, the most important issue among respondents was skyrocketing consumer prices and inflation (40 percent) with the economy and jobs coming in second with 30 percent.

January 6, however, was only viewed as important by 5 percent of the respondents. This will be bad news for the January 6 select committee and the news media now that public hearings are set to begin in days.

Unlike previous polling, a majority of respondents in the Harvard/Harris survey have a favorable view of the US Supreme Court, with 52 percent approving and only 32 percent disapproving.