Democrats Unveil Disturbing Ads Targeting Minorities

( The Democrats are really struggling to keep hold of their supporters – or at least, the people they convinced to vote for them in 2020 because “orange man bad.” And as a last resort, the Democratic National Committee appears to be targeting non-white voters with a patronizing new ad campaign designed to help them in the upcoming gubernatorial election in Virginia.

On November 2, voters will be turning out to decide whether they want to vote for left-wing Democrat Terry McAuliffe, or Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin. And to nobody’s surprise, they’re trying to paint the race as a battle between a racist Trump supporter and a man who cares about equity, racial justice, and so on.

The ad campaign started with a six-figure buy on African American radio stations, as well as a five-figure buy on Spanish-language radio stations in the state. Huge investments were also made in Asian and Pacific Islander print outlets.

In other words, they’re giving up on representing all people and trying to scare minorities into thinking Republicans won’t represent them.

Jaime Harrison, the chairman of the DNC, said that the “choice is clear” and that Virginians will support McAuliffe because he “has a real plan to create jobs.”

How about telling people to go back to work and apply for jobs, first?

“Meanwhile, Glenn Youngkin would ban abortion, decimate funding for public schools and bring Donald Trump’s agenda to Virginia,” Harrison told The Hill.

Yeah, okay.

The campaign even extended to a video of unpopular Vice President Kamala Harris pretending to be religious, which is expected to be played at Black churches across the state over the next few weeks.

Shouldn’t playing something so overtly political and partisan mean these churches shouldn’t qualify for their tax-exempt status?