Dems Try To Censor RFK Jr At Censorship Hearing

After Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s fiery opening speech at last Thursday’s House Weaponization Subcommittee hearing on censorship, Democrats attempted to silence one of their own, the presidential contender.

According to a report, Kennedy defended his record on alleged racism and antisemitism in response to a letter from 102 Democrats in which they said he spread hateful and anti-Asian conspiracies and dangerous antisemitic theories.

Kennedy said his words had been misconstrued and reaffirmed his unwavering support for Israel. He presented the Democrats’ letter and said he knew many of the signatories, adding that he doesn’t think there’s a single one who thinks he’s antisemitic. There’s nothing to support that. Kennedy also said he had been silenced on social media not only about vaccinations but about everyday topics.

After he finished speaking, Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) sought to transfer the hearing into an executive session,  thereby terminating the public testimony. According to the House’s rule 11, section 2, an executive session may be called if testimony would tend to degrade, defame,  or incriminate any person. Senate Republicans tried to put the motion on hold.

After demanding a roll call vote, Democrats made brief comments before casting their vote to censor Kennedy. Virginia Democrat Representative Gerry Connolly compared the committee to a “Soviet politburo” without irony.

The following Sunday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reversed course and demanded an inquiry into the bribery allegations against President Joe Biden.

The Democrat presidential contender told Fox News that the charges that President Joe Biden and son Hunter Biden accepted $5 million in bribery each are worthy of a real investigation.  Kennedy added that he thinks the issues that are now emerging are troubling enough for an investigation.  

Kennedy said that according to reports, Burisma, a corporation with a long history of bribery and fraud, paid out ten million dollars to Hunter and his father. If that is the case, it raises serious concerns.

According to the report, considering that polling reveals widespread awareness over the issue, Kennedy’s comment represents a stunning about-face from last week, when he declined to challenge President Joe Biden on his family’s suspected criminality.