Detectives Believe They’ve Found Belongings Of Brian Laundrie

( New details about the early days of Brian Laundrie’s disappearance were revealed this week after police found the remnants of a recently-used campsite in Florida’s Carlton Reserve. This 24,565-acre wilderness is located near the Laundrie’s family home and has since been closed to visitors.

Laundrie’s father Chris was asked to show law enforcement the trails on the reserve, which Brian Laundrie is known to have used. But because of the campsite discovery, on Wednesday, police restricted the search and wouldn’t permit his father entry into the reserve.

North Port Police Department also confirmed that a notice was placed on an abandoned vehicle belonging to the Laundrie family near the reserve on September 14. Several days after that, the Laundrie family told police that they had not seen Brian in days and he had told his family he was headed to the Carlton Reserve.

The abandoned vehicle was a Ford Mustang found outside the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park. This park acts as an entrance to the Carlton Reserve not far from the Laundrie’s home in North Port.

Steve Bertolina, the attorney representing both Laundrie and his parents, told CNN that after speaking with the FBI, the Laundries now believe Brian left to hike the reserve on September 13. His parents had initially told investigators that Brian had left on September 14.

On the night of September 13, however, Chris Laundrie went to look for his son after he didn’t return from the reserve. The next day, Brian’s parents returned to the area to look for their son. That’s when they found the citation on the Mustang. They came back the next day to retrieve the vehicle.

Bertolino also told CNN that Chris Laundrie was asked to help North Port police search for Brian on Wednesday, but police had to postpone.

Regarding the campsite found and the family’s involvement in the search, the North Port Police Department told CNN that the FBI is the lead agency in the search for Laundrie, and that North Port police would not be making those decisions or taking those actions.