Dictator Gov Gretchen Whitmer: Police Will MONITOR Conversations of Protestors

(TheLibertyRevolution.Com)- Democratic Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, proved just how authoritarian she is this week when she told residents of her state that if they dare to challenge her excessive lockdown order, the police might monitor their conversations.

Yes, this is really happening.

On Thursday, Governor Whitmer told journalists that Michigan state police are already “monitoring all of the conversations” of protestors who are planning to descend on the capitol to protest her lockdown orders again. This is coming from a woman who issues three executive orders to extend the initial lockdown, who ignored Republican lawmakers in her state to advance her own partisan agenda, and who is even being sued over her decision to extend the lockdown.

During a press conference, Whitmer was asked about what proof she has that the protestors she is so unhappy about have spread the virus after demonstrating outside the capitol building.

“I saw one report, I don’t have proof,” she said, unsurprisingly. “I’m not following everybody home and taking their temperatures and watching them for two weeks.”

Whitmer argued that protestors were “touching each other,” and cited that as evidence the protests were dangerous.

She also described how a team had analyzed cell phone data in the state and it “translates to where we’re seeing hot spots in rural parts of Michigan.” She then admitted she doesn’t know the group who analyzed it, can’t vouch for it, and hasn’t vetted the data.

Then it got interesting. Whitmer was asked what she “wants to see” Michigan state police doing about the protestors, to which she responded she believes the police force is already monitoring their conversations.

“I think the Michigan State Police is monitoring all of the conversations around this event tomorrow – that they are prepared and are working with the attorney general,” she explained, before admitting she would be willing to ticket protestors “if there’s reason to do it.”

It comes after her attorney general told residents that the 77-year-old barber who opened his barbershop in defiance of her lockdown order was “not a patriot.”

It’s as though the Democrats in Michigan are doing everything they can to make residents angry while refusing to admit that they might have gotten something wrong.