Did Obama Push Sanders To Drop Out To “ACCELERATE THE ENDGAME?”

(TheLibertyRevolution.Com)- If this report from the New York Times is true, it’s shocking. It is alleged that former President Barack Obama, who waited until the very last minute to endorse his “friend” Joe Biden, was actually working behind the scenes pushing Senator Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race.

The Times reports that Obama encouraged the independent socialist senator to leave the race to become nominee over a series of phone calls in the last couple of weeks. During recent weeks, the Sanders campaign has gone through ups and downs, sometimes saying they were “reassessing” the campaign and sometimes putting a focus on winning primaries in New York and beyond.

It’s claimed that Obama called Sanders first at the end of March, at a time when the coronavirus pandemic was beginning to get worse. Around this time, Sanders was struggling to reignite his campaign even with Joe Biden making a series of media blunders. Obama reportedly told Sanders it was time to drop out to “accelerate the endgame.”

Obama and Sanders reportedly spoke at least three other times, in conversations where Obama praised Sanders for already accomplishing one of his main goals – namely, pushing the Democratic Party (and Biden) significantly to the left. And, that’s true.

In recent weeks, Biden has made several efforts to reach out to Sanders supporters. In a campaign speech, Biden made a specific plea to Sanders voters, stating, “I hear you. I know what we have to do.”

Obama wasn’t lying to Sanders, either. In an effort to keep up with the socialist veteran’s momentum, establishment candidate Joe Biden has adopted Green New Deal policies, promised to increase taxes, and even supporting giving government health care to illegal immigrants. For free.

This is not the Democratic Party of old!

According to the Times, the conversations mostly took the form of President Obama listening to Sanders reflect on his campaign. He spoke candidly, they reported, about his plans for after the campaign and his feelings about the race so far. Sources told the Times that it was “the kind of conversation the two men had never had before.”

Whatever Obama said, it worked. Not only did Sanders drop out of the race, the former president finally decided to openly endorse Joe Biden in a video published April 14.

Who else thinks Sanders will regret it?