Did This Migrant NGO Leader Sexually Abuse a Migrant?

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Reports suggest that the leader of a pro-migrant NGO (non-governmental organization) may have sexually abused a migrant who was under the care of his organization. Father Antonio Zanotti is also currently being investigated by Italian authorities for alleged fraud, and the latest news raises even more questions about the nature of his work and his organization, Oasis 7.

Two years ago, a migrant came forward and said that he had been sexually abused while being cared for by Oasis 7 which operates from Bergamo and helps minors and illegal migrants who are struggling. Real, hard evidence was provided showing the abuse taking place, including videos and photographers, which prosecutors examined.

It is alleged that Father Zanotta forced the migrant to perform sexual acts on him, and threatened to beat him if he didn’t do it. Italian media outlet Il Giornale published all the gruesome details of the alleged assault.

The migrant gave a testimony of what happened to the media recently, explaining that the abuse happened months after his arrival.

“After about three or four months after my arrival at Oasis 7, the friar began to approach me sexually,” he said. “Then, after inviting me to drink in his room, he put his hands in my genitals. Although it was not my desire to have sex with the friar, I could not resists.”

“Father Zanotti’s claims were more and more insistent and pressing,” he added. “He touched me constantly. And he forced me to take Viagra (once he even made me swallow three tablets) so that he could satisfy himself,” he claimed.

Zanotti was placed under house arrest on June 17th after he was accused of fraud. Specifically, it is claimed that he profited personally from helping migrants. He has also been accused of abusing public funds that were meant to be used to help the migrants in his care.

This issue of people abusing vulnerable migrants in the care of NGOs has been going on for some time. Just last year, the leader of Mama Africa, another Italian NGO, was accused of abusing a young male from Togo for seven years starting in 2007.