Disturbing “Feature” Allows Machines To Create Ballots And Fill Them Out Automatically

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- This week, voting auditors in New Mexico discovered significant problems that had been overlooked in their previous work.

According to New Mexico auditors, the voting technology utilized in counties under examination can fill in ballots. This was highlighted in the New Mexico presentation to Otero County officials. During a prior New York state investigation, malware code capable of accomplishing this was identified.

According to the webpage for the electoral system of the Dominion, it is possible to print ballots.

The following is a description of the capabilities that can be found on page 30 of the Dominion Voting Systems manual:

Alternatively, if allowed by your jurisdiction, use the Automated Test Deck application if allowed by your jurisdiction. This application, available from Dominion Voting, can automatically generate the appropriate test decks and expected results totals.

The option labeled “Automated Test Desk” was the one that was purchased by Georgia. There was a procurement document published on Georgia’s website.

Automated Test Deck Creation – The creation of automated, comprehensive test decks is an optional service provided by Dominion to assist customers in conducting Logic & Accuracy testing. Using the Election Day database, a series of pre-marked ballots are generated based on a computer algorithm designed to provide the highest assurance of system accuracy. When scanned these decks create known outcomes that can be compared with tabulated results. The elimination of error due to mistakes in hand-marking provides a higher degree of confidence in test results.”

Philadelphia precincts also purchased this choice from Dominion, as well as Michigan.

The more we find out about the voting machines and procedures employed in the upcoming election in 2020, the more we realize that they should not have been deployed at all in the first place. How vulnerable to fraud is a voting system that includes functionality that enables voters to design their ballots and then mark them with their own choices?