DOA: No Middle East Peace Deal, Iran Says. More Violence Coming?

( – The supreme leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, is not interested in peace talks in the Middle East. President Donald Trump recently unveiled a new peace plan, but not only is Iran rejecting that proposal across the board, they are urging violence against Israel.

The proposal isn’t a sign of peace, Khamenei said, but rather a “sign of viciousness,” according to the country’s press, which is controlled by the state. The only way to “force out the Zionist enemy and the U.S.” — terroristic attacks on Israel.

Here are parts ofKhamenei’s remarks, for full impact:

“You saw that the U.S. bullies and hooligans unveiled the plan of the so-called deal of the century. They have wishfully chosen a big name for it so that it may be realized, but this plan is stupid, is a sign of viciousness, and has been detrimental to them since day one. The American plot of the deal of the century will die before Trump dies.

“They will try to further their plot with bribes, weapons and enticements. What’s the remedy? It is bold resistance by the Palestinian nation and groups in order to force out the Zionist enemy and the U.S. through Jihad. All Muslim nations and the world of Islam must support them, too.

“This plan is indicative of the U.S.’ viciousness and manipulation. They have come to negotiate with the Zionists over what belongs to the Palestinians! Palestine belongs to the Palestinians. Who are you to make a decision on it?”

He didn’t stop there, though. Khamenei also said any Arab nation who supports this peace plan proposal is “traitorous,” putting them on the spot for the rest of the world to see.

Those are certainly strong words from a man who is known to issue strong words. Overall, it’s probably not a surprise that Khamenei would issue a response as suggestive as that to a peace accord proposal for the Middle East. Iran has long had vitriol for Israel and all things American as well, so why would they suddenly change their views now?

Trump and the U.S. government probably didn’t expect their peace plan to be accepted with open arms right away, but you have to think they were hoping for a better response than a call for total destruction of Israel by Iran, but by all Muslim nations across the world.

So, what are Trump and the U.S. government to do now? Frankly, maybe nothing different than they were already planning. It’s likely they all expected this type of response from Khamenei, and they probably have a response already in place — or at least another move to try to make peace in the Middle East.

Khamenei gave these remarks right before he was scheduled to meet with both Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian leader, and Javad Zarif, the foreign minister of Iran.