Doctor Makes “Medical History” With New Surgery

A paraplegic surgeon in Spain used new exoskeleton technology to perform surgery while standing for the first time.

Paralympic athlete and doctor Faustino Afonso, who founded the Athletes Without Borders Association, stood tall throughout the procedure.

The operation was conducted on July 11 at Doctor Aguiar’s Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Institute in Tenerife. In a Facebook post, the institution referred to the discovery as “medical history.”

Japanese researchers first developed the Archelis exoskeleton to help surgeons who must stand for long periods during surgery. The revolutionary nature of this gadget and its potential function in assisting people with impairments have, however, been made clear by this landmark treatment.

The Archelis employs pioneering technology; however, exoskeleton technology has existed for much longer. U.S. military funds helped General Electric create a 1,500-pound machine to increase human strength in 1960. Unfortunately, the project was scrapped because the device was too cumbersome and cumbersome to use.

Over time, the materials and technologies used to create these costumes have evolved to become more lightweight and agile.

Exoskeletons have been implemented in many fields, including the military, sports, and medicine. They help persons with impairments regain the use of their limbs, but they may also be utilized by the able-bodied to improve performance and ease the burden of laborious, repetitive jobs.

Exoskeletons are still quite pricey and hard to come by today. The device utilized by Afonso was provided by the ONCE Foundation, a Spanish nonprofit with the mission of increasing accessibility and enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities.

The trial, in the opinion of Dr. Afonso, was a huge success. The local newspaper Diario de Avisos reports that he has always wanted to be a surgeon but was unable to before owing to his infirmity. His ambitions in the field of surgery are finally coming true.

According to a Facebook post from the Dr. Aguiar Institute, Dr. Juan Aguiar’s operation has stressed the significance of creativity and teamwork to make progress in terms of inclusivity.