Documents About Joe Biden’s Meetings Blocked By National Archive

( After the National Archives denied a request from America First Legal (AFL) to release Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential records related to his family’s dirty foreign deals, AFL sued for their release.

The National Archives had denied the records request claiming that there was no urgent need for the public to see them and there was no widespread media interest in the matter.

AFL is suing to obtain all communications then-Vice President Biden had with his son Hunter and his brother James Biden. They also seek all official government travel records involving Hunter and James as well as their visits to the White House and any other records showing Joe Biden’s involvement in his family’s dirty deals.

In a statement announcing the lawsuit, America First Legal President Stephen Miller accused the National Archives of engaging in “an illegal scheme to conceal federal records pertaining to the radical corruption of President Biden” and his family.

Miller alleged that by withholding the records, the National Archives has “revealed itself to be an integral part of the treacherous deep state seeking to capsize our Democracy and to impose the will of bureaucrats over the laws and Constitution of the United States.”

Miller asserted that the National Archives is colluding to shield the president’s “financial and political corruption” while at the same time it “hatched an illegal intelligence plot with the DOJ” to target former President Donald Trump.

He also accused the National Archives of concocting “bogus allegations” against Trump that are just as fake as the RussiaGate hoax.

Miller warned that AFL’s lawsuit against the National Archives is only the first step in ensuring that the Archive’s “imperial misconduct” is stopped and its “subordinate position within” our Constitutional Republic is restored.