“Dog The Bounty Hunter” Star Dies

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Bounty Hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman’s TV sidekick David Robinson died last week at the age of 50.

Robinson’s wife Brooke Robinson confirmed in a Facebook post that her husband “passed away suddenly” on November 30.

Brooke said her “very healthy” husband was on the phone in their dining room when he suddenly collapsed. She said paramedics attempted to revive him, but he died in her arms. She asked for “time and space to grieve” Robinson’s death.

Duane Chapman told TMZ that he was “shocked and saddened” at the news of Robinson’s death, describing him as “my right-hand man of many years.”

While a cause of death was not revealed, Brooke Robinson denounced any speculation from false reporting, noting that the rumors that her husband died of a stroke or heart attack “have already been ruled out.”

In a tribute on Instagram, David Robinson’s ex-wife Rainy Robinson posted a photo of him wearing sunglasses underneath which the caption “11/2/72 – 11/30/22” appeared.

David Robinson appeared on “Dog’s Most Wanted” which aired for one season in 2019 on WGN America. The series followed Chapman and Robinson as they hunted down fugitives of their choice rather than tracking down people who had jumped bail.

According to the show’s website, David Robinson was described as specializing in “the tech aspect of hunting.” His role was to track people’s technology footprint.

“It is hard to unplug from technology these days,” the website reads, “and David will use that to find you!”

Rainy Robinson, who also appeared in “Dog’s Most Wanted,” told People magazine that her ex-husband “had the best sense of humor,” calling him a “kind-hearted man” and “sweet guy.”

Robinson is survived by a daughter, Teagan, and his two stepchildren, Taran and Gage.