Don Lemon Screams At Unvaccinated People

( The ongoing push among the American corporate media to segregate the unvaccinated from the vaccinated has reached a fever pitch over the last couple of weeks.

The same newspaper columnists and cable news talking heads who spent four years accusing President Trump of being authoritarian are, without an ounce of self-awareness, advocating for forcing the unvaccinated out of society – from refusing them service to refusing them medical care.

Last week, the odious Don Lemon condescendingly lectured those unwilling to get vaccinated to stay away from the hospital if they get sick.

Lemon isn’t alone.

Last week, Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus echoed the sentiment in an op-ed titled “Opinion: Doctors should give priority to vaccinated patients when resources are scarce.” Marcus belief is that since those who are unvaccinated are irresponsible, they “should go to the back of the health care line” – which is the 2021 version of “go to the back of the bus.”

How long before these dimwitted fools start demanding separate water fountains for the vaccinated and unvaccinated?

It’s as if all their shrieking about Jim Crow has left them deaf to their own efforts to divide the country by treating a large segment of the population as second-class citizens.

For four years these hysterics accused President Trump of being “just like Hitler!!!”

And now they are looking to separate from polite society the dirty, unclean vermin known as the “unvaccinated.” How can they not see what they’re doing? Do they not understand how this ends?

For a group of people obsessed with fighting fascism, they sure love their fascism.

How is forcing the unvaccinated to the back of the line any different from hospitals refusing to treat blacks?

Would Don Lemon or Ruth Marcus advocate for barring alcoholics from receiving medical treatment because they aren’t “doing things the right way?”

Would they advocate for smokers to “go to the back of the healthcare line?”

What about drug users? Or people who contract HIV through unprotected sex?

And what about the over 90 million Americans who contracted COVID, recovered, and now have natural immunity to the virus?

These fools are heading down a dangerous path. And yet they truly believe that they are the good guys.