Don Lemon Was Texting With Jussie Smollett During Scandal

( When Jussie Smollett took the witness stand in his trial last Monday, he testified that CNN host Don Lemon had sent him a text early on in the investigation to let him know that the police did not believe his account of the so-called incident and were investigating him.

At the time, Lemon had shared with viewers that he and Smollett were acquainted and he had been in constant communication with him after his alleged “attack.” Lemon told his viewers that Smollett deserved a presumption of innocence, adding that if his story wasn’t true, Smollett would squander “the goodwill” of a lot of people. But he never mentioned that he tipped Smollett off that the police were investigating him.

After the jury found Smollett guilty on five of the six charges against him on Thursday, Don Lemon briefly touched on the verdict during his show that night.

Lemon called his friend Smollett a liar, but conveniently left out the fact that his communications with the former Empire actor made their way into Smollett’s testimony.

In a segment with CNN legal analyst Joey Jackson, Lemon said Jussie Smollett ended up having to make up too many lies to try and explain his initial lie that two Trump-supporting white supremacists beat him up, doused him with bleach, and put a noose around his neck.

While discussing Smollett’s testimony on the stand, Lemon accused the actor of getting caught up in the lies because he agreed to take the stand. Lemon said once the prosecutor tore Smollett’s testimony apart, the hate crime hoaxer got angry and started calling the other witnesses liars.

Then Lemon bemoaned the fact that Smollett making up a hate crime would only make it harder for actual victims of hate crimes to be taken seriously.

At no point during his scolding lecture of Smollett did Don Lemon mention Smollett’s bombshell that it was Lemon who tipped Smollett off that he was being investigated by the police.

And while what Lemon did is probably not illegal, some believe the revelation of Lemon’s texts to Smollett is just the latest example of CNN personalities’ unethical behavior.