Donald Trump Announces New Rally Plans As 2024 Rumors Swirl

( Former President Donald Trump is probably running in 2024, but he can’t admit it because of campaign finance laws – that’s the message he has given several reporters and interviewers so far. Combine that with the fact that the former president just announced that he is returning to Iowa to host one of his legendary rallies, and it looks pretty certain that we’re on track for a third Trump presidential campaign.

On Monday, Trump told the Todd Starnes Show that he will be returning to Iowa, the first state in the primary season to vote, to host a Save America rally where he will discuss President Joe Biden’s repeated failures so far.

“We’re doing some more,” Trump said, before adding, “We’re going to Iowa, we’re going to Georgia, we’re going to some others.”

If this isn’t a presidential campaign then it’s something extremely close to it. Why else would the former president, who is eligible to run again and serve a second term as president after Biden leaves office (presumably in 2024), return to Iowa and begin hosting rallies?

It keeps him in the press and the public spotlight, and could ultimately become the longest constant presidential campaign the United States has ever seen.

Imagine what it must be like for the Biden White House to have the former president hosting rallies and exposing their failures every time they happen.

A source close to former President Donald Trump and his plans told reporters at the Des Moines Register that he is in discussions about arranging the Iowa rally.

In August, Trump’s Save America PAC also hired two political consultants in Iowa, Alex Latcham and Eric Branstad, who now serve as senior advisors.

While it’s not official yet that Trump is even running in 2024, we can probably safely say at this point that it won’t be a “Make America Great Again” campaign but a “Save America” campaign instead.

President Biden must be shaking in his boots…if he even fully understands what’s going on here.