Donald Trump Becomes Most Vocal Ex President Since Teddy Roosevelt

( A report from the Washington Times revealed how former President Donald Trump has officially become the most vocal former president since Teddy Roosevelt.

In a piece by Seth McLaughlin, the paper notes that as President Joe Biden continues to botch policy after policy – and particularly after the disastrous withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan – former President Trump has come out swinging and criticizing the president’s efforts.

He noted how there have been more than half a dozen press released boiled down into one simple sentiment issued by President Trump, in capital letters: MISS ME YET?

A lot of Americans are no doubt missing former President Trump. So much so that even the polls – which historically have favored the Democrats – show that Trump would win in a general election if it were held today.

The Rasmussen poll showed that Biden would lose the election if it were held today, with 37% pledging their support for the failing and controversial president, and 43% opting for former President Donald Trump.

According to McLaughlin, former President Trump started slow after leaving the White House, with his Save America PAC only issuing a handful of statements in January and February. By March, however, he had picked up the pace, issuing 22. Then in April, he issued 27.

And now the numbers are going exponentially up. In May, he issued 50, in June he issued 80, and in July he issued 120.

President Trump is well and truly back, and by the middle of August, he had surpassed 60 PAC-issued statements.

In the piece, he lists off the political activities and statements of other former presidents and concludes that he is the most vocal in decades. Even former President Barack Obama, who spied on the Trump campaign, never mentioned the president until it came to the 2020 election.

All of this could mean one thing…but campaign finance laws don’t allow former President Trump to officially announce it.